Stafford Indoor

Currently closed due to Tier 4 restrictions

The Fruit and Veg Stall and Mark Lemoine Butchers Stall are currently undertaking deliveries, they can be contacted on Facebook via Stalls in Stafford Indoor Market or the Stafford Coronavirus Support Network.

A History Of Stafford Market

Markets were originally held on a Saturday and in 1912 the Market Hall was moved to Crabbery Street and was opened on Tuesdays for the sale of farm produce, which soon developed into a general retail market.

During the Second World War the Market was requisitioned as a Food Buffer store and also an R.A.F store. In 1946 it was de-requistioned.

Various extensions were made to the Market over the years and in 1989 it was moved to its present site at the rear of the Guildhall Shopping Centre.

The present Market hall is a modern, well-lit building with heating and an air-conditioning system and now has a wide variety of goods on sale.


Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business?

Do you have an exciting business idea?

Here at Stafford Indoor Market we have a range of stalls available to cater to your business needs, with a range of exciting incentives available for new market traders to help start your business. For more information contact

Opening Times

Tuesday and Thursday:
9am – 4.30pm
Friday and Saturday:
9am – 5pm


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